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Brazing Pastes and Solutions

QPAC® is ideally suited for use as an organic binder in brazing pastes and solutions and in soldering pastes.

Key benefits:

  • Compatibility with a variety of filler metals
  • Viscosities and molecular weights can be custom-tailored for a specific solution or paste requirements
  • Both grades of QPAC® are naturally “tacky,” and degrees of plasticity can be adjusted as necessary
  • Decomposition is complete through three phases: solid, liquid, and vapor
  • Decomposes completely between 220°C – 350°C, which can be as much as 100°C below the decomposition temperatures of other binders
  • Very low ash residue with the complete burn-out of carbon
  • Benign emissions, the products of combustions are carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally safe
  • Suitable in all sintering atmospheres
  • Using QPAC® as a binder in brazing pastes and flux improves capillary action through joint

Industry applications include:

  • Metal Brazing
  • Automotive
  • HVAC & Appliances
  • Aircraft – Aerospace
  • Electronics

Binders for Brazing Overview