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About Us

Empower Materials is a technology-based, high-growth, quality-focused company that produces the QPAC® product line, the world’s cleanest, thermally decomposable polymers. Our binders offer numerous benefits in processing advanced technology products.

QPAC® carbon dioxide-based polymers improve manufacturing technologies worldwide in applications such as passive electronic components, metal brazing, film paste, and more. We are committed to providing excellent customer support. Our technical team works closely with our customers to maximize the benefits of QPAC in their products.

Founded in 1991, Empower Materials is a privately-owned organization that changed its name from PAC Polymers Inc. to reflect its focus on the commercialization of QPAC® for binder applications. Headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, USA, we partner with numerous independent distributors to serve customers around the globe.

Empower Materials is an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company.


Richard J. Giacco Linkedin

Rick serves as the executive manager for Empower Materials and the President of Axess Corporation, the parent organization. He is the former Managing Partner of Ajedium Film Group, LLC. and a former Executive Manager at Rheometric Scientific Inc. and Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

Sugianto Hanggodo Linkedin
Director of Engineering

Sugianto manages process and product engineering. He has successfully initiated and optimized complex extrusion and polymerization processes at multiple locations in North America and Europe.

Peter Ferraro Linkedin
Director of Business Development

Peter possesses both technical engineering and business development experience with a focus on bringing new products into the marketplace. His prior experience includes the commercialization of inorganic additives and polyurethanes for highly technical applications.