CO2 based polymers for a cleaner more demanding world

Empower Materials is the producer of QPAC® — the world’s cleanest thermal decomposable binder.

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Learn more about QPAC® and watch a demonstration of the superior binder decomposition properties.

QPAC®–A family of sustainable thermoplastics

We produce carbon dioxide polymers through the copolymerization of CO2 with one or more epoxides, which feature numerous benefits over traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Our polymers cleanly decompose into CO2 and water in many types of atmospheres and leave virtually no residue. They are amorphous, clear, readily processable, and offer long-term mechanical stability. QPAC® biodegradable binders consume 50% fewer petrochemicals, unlike other polymers, which are 100% petrochemical-based.

Empower Materials Inc. is an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company.

The key benefits of QPAC® poly(alkylene carbonate) binders:

  • Decompose at a low temperature
  • Leave virtually no residue after decomposition
  • Offer a controlled debind process in all atmospheres
  • Benign emissions from decomposition
  • Feature excellent green strength
  • Available in a variety of forms
  • Fit a multitude of applications
  • Environmentally friendly
Thermogravimetric Analyses

Thermogravimetric analyses in both air and nitrogen show complete decomposition of QPAC®40 poly(propylene carbonate) at low temperatures, heating rate is 10°C/minute.

Graph of Thermogravimetric Analyses

Popular applications for QPAC® carbon dioxide polymers:

  • Electronic passive components
  • Metal brazing
  • Abrasive tool hardening
  • Glass sealing paste and preforms
  • Thick film paste
  • Technical ceramic parts
  • 3D printing
  • Energy storage/batteries
  • MEMS fabrication
  • Nanoparticle binder
  • Pore formers
  • Medical implants
  • Ceramic tape casting
QPAC granules
QPAC® binders are available in granulates, pellets, aqueous dispersion, and solutions.